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הבית של היצרנים - ייצור ושיווק מוצרים למערכות סולאריות לחימום מים

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Manufacture and marketing of products for solar water heating systems

המוצרים שלנו

Our Products

We offer a variety of products for the solar water heating systems market

Sapac Trading LTD has set itself the goal of being a "One Stop Shop" for all manufacturers of solar systems and solar water heaters in Israel, and for all commercial plumbing and air conditioning contractors.

אודות ספק סחר טריידאין


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Sapac Trading LTD was established in 2011 and is engaged in the import, production and distribution of a variety of products divided into 4 main areas

  • Water heating systems using solar panels and electricity

  • Insulation of plumbing and air conditioning piping

  • Enamel coating for boilers according to the new standard

  • Boiler thermostat with an Israeli standard mark

ספק סחר טריידאין מאמינים בשותפות לטווח ארוך

Our partnerships

We believe in long-term partnership

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