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Sapac Trading LTD

Sapac Trading LTD was established in 2011 and is engaged in the import, production and distribution of a variety of products divided into 4 main areas:

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One Stop Shop

Production and Logistics Center

The company has a production and logistics center that covers 6,000 square meters, which includes a locksmith, a production department, a plastic department, a solar panel box department, a central warehouse and activity areas for loading and unloading in Moshav Salyit in the Sharon district, Israel.

Sapac Trading has set itself the goal of being a "One Stop Shop" for all manufacturers of solar systems and solar water heaters in Israel, and for all commercial plumbing and air conditioning contractors. The company combines operational capabilities along with rich knowledge and experience in the field. The company has the ability to import a variety of products from selected manufacturers in the world, purchase products from local manufacturers, the ability to produce independently and the ability to store and distribute all products to customers throughout the country and abroad.

Water heating systems using solar and electricity

The company directly manufactures or imports all the products in order to be a leading factor in the field and has the ability to provide customers with a complete product basket, and in fact meet all the customer's needs in one place. The following is a list of products that the company deals with:

  • ​Boilers of various capacities

  • Iron/copper solar collector

  • Tin / aluminum box for the collector

  • Plastic back for collector box

  • Glass for the collector 

  • Heat accelerator

  • Heating elements

  • Thermostat

  • Thermostat tube

  • Plastic sleeve for heat accelerator

  • Steel plates for the boiler

  • Heat exchanger (spiral)

  • Plastic products (inserts, rosettes, black lids)

  • Threaded pipes

  • Enamel coating

מערכות חימום מים באמצעות קולטי שמש וחשמל
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Plumbing and air conditioning pipe insulation

Commercial heating and cooling systems require special insulation for the purposes of piping and air conditioning. Each air-carrying pipe should be wrapped in special insulating materials that prevent moisture and heat or cold transfer. Sapac Trading LTD is the Exclusive Distributor of 3i from Greece, which manufactures insulation under the ISOPIPE brand.

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